.44 Magnum Opus1982 Demo30 Seconds
A.W.O.L.A Lesson in Violence (song)A Perpetual State of Indifference
Altered BoyAnd Then There Were NoneAnother Lesson in Violence
Architect of PainAs It Was, As It Soon Shall BeBTK
Bedlam 1-2-3Beyond the PaleBitch
Black 13BlacklistBlood In, Blood Out (album)
Blood In, Blood Out (song)Body HarvestBonded by Blood (album)
Bonded by Blood (song)Bonded by Thrash: Live in San Francisco 1990Brain Dead
Burn, Hollywood, BurnCajun HellCall to Arms
Changing of the GuardChemi-KillChildren of a Worthless God
Choose Your WeaponClass Dismissed (A Hate Primer)Climb Before the Fall
Collateral DamageCorruptionCount Your Blessings
Culling the HerdDeath and DominationDeathamphetamine
Deliver Us to EvilDemocideDeranged (single)
Deranged (song)Devil's TeethDie by His Hand (song)
DownfallEvan McCaskeyExhibit B: The Human Condition
ExodusBand WikiExodus (band)Exodus (song)
Fabulous Disaster (album)Fabulous Disaster (song)Faster than You'll Ever Live to Be
Feeding Time at the ZooFood for the WormsForce of Habit (album)
Force of Habit (song)Forward MarchFuel for the Fire
Funeral HymnGary HoltGeoff Andrews
Going Going GoneGood Day to DieGood Friendly Violent Fun
Good RiddanceHammer and Life (single)Hammer and Life (song)
Heads They Win (Tails You Lose)Hell's BreathHonor Killings
I Am AbominationIconoclasmImpact Is Imminent (album)
Impact Is Imminent (song)ImpalerJack Gibson
John TempestaKarma's MessengerKirk Hammett
Lee AltusLet There Be BloodLike Father, Like Son
Live at the DNA 2004: Official BootlegLow RiderMarch of the Sychophants
Me, Myself, and IMetal CommandMichael Butler
Mike MaungMy Last NerveNanking
No LoveNow Thy Death Day ComeNumb
Objection Overruled (single)Objection Overruled (song)One Foot in the Grave
Only Death DecidesOpen SeasonOverdose
ParasitePaul BaloffPaul Bostaph
PiranhaPleasures of the Flesh (album)Pleasures of the Flesh (demo)
Pleasures of the Flesh (song)Pump It UpRaze
Rick HunoltRiot Act (single)Riot Act (song)
Rob DukesRob McKillopSalt the Wound (single)
Salt the Wound (song)Scar Spangled BannerSealed with a Fist
Seeds of HateShovel Headed Kill Machine (album)Shovel Headed Kill Machine (song)
Shroud of UrineShudder to ThinkSteve Souza
Strike of the BeastTempo of the Damned (album)Tempo of the Damned (song)
The Atrocity ExhibitionThe Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit AThe Ballad of Leonard and Charles
The Best of Exodus: Lessons in ViolenceThe Garden of BleedingThe Last Act of Defiance
The Lunatic Parade (single)The Lunatic Parade (song)The Sun Is My Destroyer
The Toxic WaltzThorn in My Side (single)Thorn in My Side (song)
Thrash Under PressureThrowing DownTil Death Do Us Part
Tim AgnelloTom HuntingTurk Street Demo
Verbal RazorsWar Is My Shepherd (single)War Is My Shepherd (song)
WarlordsWhen It Rains It PoursWhipping Queen
Within the Walls of ChaosWrapped in the Arms of Rage
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